Tucked away in my Little Black Box-
It was all I knew or cared for;
And then one day
A Little Mouse Came
Up to my Little Black Doorstep.
We both being small
Not caring at all,
We danced
We pranced
We played in the dark
Entertained our thoughts
And slowly came to be.

Then one day
A Little Light came
But not to my Little Black Doorstep
In he came
“Through a Peephole”, he claimed,
“Up in the Little Black Ceiling.”
“Unwelcome Damnation!” I cried
And shut out the Light
As he had no right
To send out a light
To make bright
My Little Red Box.

And then one day
Soon after the fact,
Little Mouse proclaimed:
“Sick of this dark am I.
I think better to try
A new love for my
mind, one more pure and true.”
Thus and thus
Little Mouse deserted
Seeking with Light a greater Gain.

Laying and Lying
In my Little Red Box
I gave thought to the Day
When Little Light came
Took Friend away
Caused Pain.
I blamed Little Light
“For showing another way.”
I say to me:
“We were we
You were you
And if all rings true,
If I have one Hate
It is Hate for you.”

Little Light I did blame
As the many years came,
As a life passed aboard them.
Then suddenly one day
A Little Thought came
Up to my Little Red Doorstep.
I let the Thought in
Raised him
Up to my chin
And listened to
What abhoars him.
Silently I thought with me
“Who are we?”
As we stand in Our Little Green Box.

After Little Thought came,
I ceased to blame.
Began to wonder
Began to wander.
And then one day
A little noise came
From outside the Box around us.
As we listened I exclaimed:
“It is Little Mouse that has came!”
Without restraint
Without complaint
I rushed from Box
To Unknown Street
Which long had laid before us.

Here I came-
Here saw Mouse play
Here saw Light play
Here saw Thought play
Here Dancing in Light, in Rain.
Here I beheld such a sight,
So great, so wonderous,
I Died,
I Lived;
I Breathed…
I Began.

I get into these..moods..where I feel as if I have a primal craving to Think. Not just the normal kind of thinking, mind you,  but the kind that makes me challenge everything I have ever heard. And for some reason this sort of mood come to me often in the shower. Maybe it’s because I feel like my true self in nothing but my skin, or maybe it’s just because I enjoy the meditative warmth of it all. Either way, it seems to inspire the inquisitor within me, and the inquisitor seems to like asking me questions…a lot of questions..deep questions.

A new way of perception of the universe was presented to me by the inquisitor in the shower earlier tonight. As I stood in the heat and sweetly suffocating humidity of the shower, the inquisitor asked me:

 “What is anything? Who is anyone?”

Pondering this question, I attempted to offer up a something-close-to-satisfatory response.

I said to my inquisitor:

“..uh..I Don’t Know..I guess you say that everything and everyone is what we make it? I guess you could say that the existence of..well..anything..is like chemistry? In chemistry, particles have an affinity for each other. Like how life has the affinity to exist, simply because the universe has the affinity to create life, and the universe has the affinity to exist because it has the affinity to spontaneously create and destroy itself…? Right..? I Don’t Know.”

In response to wreck inspired by my train of thought, the inquisitor briefly responded:


Well, it all made sense to me, most likely because each of us sees the world in a completely different way from each other because of how differently we perceive things. With that being said, I will attempt to translate the thought process (or lack thereof) within my mind when questioned on the subject. Thus I arrived at this~

We humans, as well as every other life form on earth, are like atomic particles in respect to the universe. The life forms upon this earth, as well as other life within the universe, have an affinity for life simply because life has an affinity to exist. Hey, look! A Merry-Go-Round of logic! Why yes, I do understand that this way of understanding is circular, but then aren’t all things in life circular? The universe in which we live only exists because the organization (or chaos, for that matter) of energy, gravity, nothingness, et cetera, has an affinity to not only create our universe, but also to destroy it. One can interpret the universe to be a cycle itself, and can see life as a by-product of this cycle. Life is almost like part of a chemical reaction-things beyond our control combine to create us. We die. The stars die. The universe dies. And yet it all comes back again. It is not our will nor the will of anything that anything is here. It just is.

I Don’t Know.

Maybe circular logic is the kind which makes the most sense.


I think, therefore I am.

This phrase brings many questions to mind. To fully understand what it truly means, we must break it down.

I think-I have the power of reason and am able to think for myself. To determine what is right and wrong. To discover the truths and beauties of this world. To allow no one and nothing to think for me.

..therefore I am- Because I think, I understand who I truly am and that I can experience the universe around me.

But what do these two phrases mean together? If one looks into it he can see that through our own thought processes, we become who we really are. It is because we think that we have our own personalities-we interpret the world around us and respond in our own way. We may respond in anger for the attrocities commited on us. We may respond in sorrow for the attrocities that befall humanity. We may respond in happiness when we see that there is hope for humanity.

It is through our own thought that we establish who we are. If we were to let others influence our thinking, would we really be ourselves?

If we take a look at society today, particularly in the places where religion has a profound influence, we can clearly see that the minds of the individual are warped into believing in things that violate reason and logic. These minds, having been so overwhelmed by the continuous onslaught of ideals that are not their own, have been shaped into something. Something that does not define them, but instead defines their religion or other beliefs that were instilled in them.

I think, therefore I am. If we are to let forces such as religion and the ideals of the status quo influence us overly much, then we cease to think. If we cease to think, we are not. If we cease to think, we are what thinks for us. If one thinks in a certain way because of some sort of religious book such as the Bible, then are they not the Bible themselves? Ask a Creationist how the world was made. They will give you a statement that comes from the Bible. They have become something-not someone. They think in a certain way because it is written in the Bible. The only “thinking” taking place is the reciting of verses. They have become a living, breathing Bible. They have allowed their humanity to be taken away from them.

People have become so entrenched in unfounded beliefs such as creation and the existence of divinities that they resist reason with all of their might. One would think that by this time people would have accepted the FACT and Theory of Evolution, after Charles Darwin set said on the Beagle so many years ago and helped to found an explanation for life itself-one that did not depend on divine intervention. In the face of the vast amount of evidence for evolution, people will still choose creation, which has absolutely no evidence of occurring, over it.

It is quite amusing to think that the reason why these unfounded religious beliefs reside so deep within the mind is because of evolution itself. Natural selection can help explain it. In the wild, the young had to learn the dangers of the world quickly to survive. Trial and Error learning would not suffice in situations like this, as it would take to long and likely result in death. Instead, the young will believe Anything they are told by the parents. Things such as “stay away from the crocodile; it is dangerous.” would be remembered and practiced by the young. In society today, the exact same thing happens with religion. A child will believe literally anything he is told by those who raise him, no matter how ridiculous.

It is because of this that so many people obsessively accept religion as truth. Since they accept this as truth, they put their beliefs into practice. How? Please, take a brief look at conservative politics. Honestly ask yourself: would they have the same views that they currently hold on things such as abortion, gay marriage, and other controversial issues, if they did not allow religion to influence their political views? Is it not a violation of the separation of Church and State, which was laid down by our Deist founding fathers?

While this is a grief-worthy fact in the United States, both you and I should never forget that we are essentially living in the Heaven described in the Bible when we compare our current state of affairs to those in the Theocracies of regions such as the Middle East, where Free Thought is punishable by death, and the innocent are killed in the name of their god, thinking that they will achieve eternal paradise by doing so.

Are we really so afraid of death that we cannot accept that it will end one day? Can we not accept that this is the only life we have, and that we are amazingly damn lucky to have been born? We are the lucky ones. We get to die because we were actually born. An inspiring quote made by Richard Dawkins offers some insight on this matter:

“We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born. The potential people who could have been here in my place but who will in fact never see the light of day outnumber the sand grains of Arabia. Certainly those unborn ghosts include greater poets than Keats, scientists greater than Newton. We know this because the set of possible people allowed by our DNA so massively exceeds the set of actual people. In the teeth of these stupefying odds it is you and I, in our ordinariness, that are here.”  

Life on this Earth is not to be endured so that we can enter an eternal Heaven. Our world is beautiful. This life is all we have, and it is there to be enjoyed with every fiber of your being.

However, the fact that we are humans is as close to Heaven as one can hope to get in this world. Humanity at times can be beautiful. When Humanity helps others who cannot help themselves. When Humanity puts aside differences for the common good, when Humanity strives for peace and freedom. We are so very blessed to have been born humans. Simply look at the animal kingdom. There is an unbelieveable amount of suffering in the wild: predation, parasites, the need to kill in order to survive. As humans, we are immune to many of these misfortunes. However, we are able to see how bleak the world can be, we are able to understand that life has no true purpose and that the universe is indifferent to our affairs, we understand how the world really is. But I at least find some sort of joy in understanding the universe, to realize that the world is more beautiful that we can imagine, and that it all came from what was dark matter-nothing-is an overwhelming thought. And to think that I as a human have the ability to understand this is amazing.